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Adolescent Program


The Adolescent Program is an integrative and projects-based learning environment designed to meet the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of our 7th and 8th grade students. Throughout each week, students participate in the following: math, language arts, humanities, occupations, academic writing, human growth and development, book group, coffee shop, in- and out-of-school community service, class council, restorative justice, student-led clubs, art, music, and gym. 



The coffee shop is a part of their micro-economy in which students learn how to run a small business, and are able to raise funds for outings and community needs. 



Occupations is where students learn about the sciences, but unlike most traditional programs, the focus is on legitimate occupations within the sciences. The adolescents incorporate real work as much as possible. For example, during their fall 2019 ecology unit, they removed the grass from in front of the adolescent building and planted a prairie garden! 


Humanities is where students study all things human. Evaluating our past and present as a means of considering possibilities for our future.

Class Council

Class council is a student led whole-community meeting in which students check in with each community member and work to solve any general issues. 


Community Service

Community service varies throughout the year. They do such things as rake, shovel, plant, and weed for nearby residents. They also do virtual volunteerism and in-school community service when weather does not permit to be outside. Students also give up one study hall per week to volunteer in younger classrooms.

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