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Welcome to Downtown Montessori Academy


Downtown Montessori Academy is a small, diverse, community-focused Montessori school serving families since 1976. Our mission is and has always been to provide a Montessori education for children within a small community of learners. We educate children age 3 to grade 8, and give parents an alternative to larger middle school programs.

We strive to provide an environment that supports meaningful work in a community of learners that allows children to create a vision for their future. The key is to see the hidden nature of the child at given stages of development and design an environment that fulfills the child’s innate potential.

Our educational approach is for children to trust in their own ability, to think and solve problems independently. The students learn not to be afraid of making mistakes. They learn to try and try again without fear of embarrassment. Our Montessori students are taught pride in their work.

I invite you to take the time to get to know Downtown Montessori and understand the remarkable educational journey we offer to children.



Virginia Flynn, Head of School

Founded in 1976, the Downtown Montessori Academy currently enrolls more than 300 students age 3 to grade 8. Downtown Montessori Academy is one of Milwaukee’s oldest and most diverse charter schools.

Located in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood, the Downtown Montessori Academy resides in the beautiful and historic St. Augustine Church school building built in 1888.

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Meet Our Teachers

Toddlers & K3's

Maribel Sambolin

Children's House

Kim Fowler

Lower Elementary

Hanna Fowler


Justina Lawrence


Will Branch


Meghan Lee

School Social Worker

Kathy Masch

School Psychologist

Chava Metzger



Children's House

Javon Shepard

Lower Elementary

Amy Goodenough

Upper Elementary

Jenny Wilson


Kendall Cook

Phy Ed.

Michelle Tipton

School Counselor

Colleen Marchant Williams

Occupational Therapist

Bridget Quast

Speech & Language

Kelly Britton



Children's House

Sasa Sokolovic

Lower Elementary

Claire Riordan

Upper Elementary

Ashley Petry

Art & Drama

Bryanna VanCaster

Reading & Garden Coordinator

McNeal Stepien

Special Ed. Director

Beverly Luckenbill

Occupational Therapist

Brianna Martin





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